Having a job that gives me District access to many teachers and classrooms has turned me into an instructional kleptomaniac.  I’m serious.  I blame YOU, talented RVSD teachers, for my thieving habit.  Each time I enter a classroom, I unconsciously grease my palm and, before I know it, I’ve got management tricks, instructional tidbits and creative trinkets of CCSS and balanced literacy implementation spilling out of bulging pockets.  For fear of being caught and to clear my fretting conscious, I’m coming clean.

RVSD teachers, my name is Kelly Eyler.  And for the past year and a half, I have been robbing you blind!

So, welcome to my new RVSD Blog.  Selfishly, a place for me to own up to my habit and, altruistically, a place for YOU to become inspired by the fabulous teachers and the inspiring youth that surround you.

My hope is that this blog can help us all.  For me, I’m hoping this outlet will allow me to be more visible to folks across the District in a more impactful way;  And for you,  I hope it becomes a resource for ideas and professional development as we move towards aligned literacy practices and digging deeper into Common Core.  The goal for this site is to:

Highlight differentiated practices within Balanced Literacy that benefit English Learners & every learner

Support the implementation of the Common Core District-wide through an ELD lens

Showcase instructional practices across the District that support CCSS and Balanced Literacy

I’ll be sending out a post each week (or so) that features teachers, practices and ideas straight from RVSD sites as well as links to professional articles, videos and blogs that support our work at RVSD.

Fear not, for if I have stolen an idea or snapped a photo or taken a video of you, I will always ask your permission to be featured.  In addition, I will be welcoming any ideas that you might have for blog topics that you think will help us all in moving forward with CCSS, Balanced Literacy and supporting every learner.